Permanent Makeup Pigments

“The birth of a new brand of PMU tattoo ink and application process video – a brand that has evolved over many years of experience working on a variety of ethnic clients, training new artists, and with the added benefit of multiple collaborations alongside Grand Masters in the international PMU industry.”

We are the launching the extraordinary Trang Lu Academy Permanent Makeup Kit – ink formulas for tattooing eyebrows and educational video. 

USA PMU Master, Trang Lu, beauty consultant and entrepreneur, has achieved a one-of-a kind perspective on cosmetic facial tattooing services. Her business services uncovered unique challenges, especially when working on American skin clients. The “ink” typically used in PMU did not always stand up to her high standards for results. Being of Asian descent, she readily recognized the American skin was thinner, drier, more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles, and their skin was less firm than her Asian clients. 

So what makes her kit stand out above all the rest?

Because of Trang Lu’s creative eye for beauty, her determination for perfection, and her deep desire to satisfy clients she became inspired to re-imagine the kinds of ink and application processes more suited for American skin. That would mean formulating pigments with the same quality, strength, and palette of colors for mixing she attained from inks applied on Asian clients. It would also mean including the secret application process for achieving longevity, effortless application, and more consistent results in color outcomes than ever possible before.

Until now a PMU artist would rely on toning for intended results. Trang Lu’s new video will “formulate” results based on skin color and hair color – made possible with the expertise of her husband, Mike Tong of MT Salon. He is a Master Stylist for 28 years, a Master Colorist for 17 years, and has advanced knowledge on how to deposit color to formulate ink and use it correctly to achieve the clients intended dream results. Together their palette of 8 ink pigments and accompanied educational video will help PMU artists achieve the highest results.

We all value beauty in life such as the beauty in nature, listening to beautiful music, or admiring the inner beauty of friends. The Permanent Makeup Industry is a 3.6 billion dollar industry. It has the power to transfer a woman’s perception of her own inner beauty to be worn outwardly and shine for herself and others. It gives her the power to choose from a more bolder stunning appearance or from the appearance of a much softer younger glow. Carefully formulated rich pigments with the right application processes have transformed clients around the world and The Trang Lu Academy PMU Ink Kit/ Educational Video is designed to transform millions more.

Permanent Makeup Support Agent

Permanent Make Up Sealant

Pigment for Eyebrows and Eyeliner: Brown

Pigment for Eyebrows and Eyeliner: Black