Trang won the Wulop championship in Miami 2023 for hairstroke category and Placed In the Top 2% During The World Title In Antalya, Turkey 2023

2023 classes were all sold out! Thank You!

2024 Class Calendar


  • January 28th how to DRAW ON IPAD, Jackson,TN  8 seats
  • February 25TH-28th SEXY BROWS & POWDER BROWS, Jackson TN  8 seats
  • March 28-30th Areola And Skin Camoflauging, Jackson TN 8 seats 
  • April Lip Blushing, Jackson, TN  8 seats   
  • May 24-27th Sexy Brows Forest Hills, NY 8 Seats


  • June 23-25th, SexyBrows & Powder Brows Jackson TN 8 Seats     
  • July 28-30th Sexy Brows & Powder Brows Jackson,TN 8 Seats                 
  •  August 25-28th SexyBrows & Powder Brows Jackson,TN 8 Seats
  • September 22-24th SexyBrows & Powder Brows Jackson,TN 8 Seats         
  • October 27-28th Sexy Brows & Powder Brows Jackson,TN 8 Seats

LEARN sexybrows technique - better than microblading!

microblading is out, nano strokes are in!

Upcoming Classes

VIP One On One (4 Days)

SexyBrows Class (3 Days)

SexyBrows & Ombre Powder (4 days)

expert PMU training

Trang and her husband Mike,  created the first Certified SexyBrow course in the United States.Having serviced over 1000 clients Trang’s deepened knowledge of American skin is currently helping other master technicians create precision made, naturally beautiful, and attractive face framing Trang Lu Brows. The final results are stunning! Today Trang continues to reinvent the process for her understudy students and has created her second PMU course, QueenBrows (Perfect Ombre). With a product line launching soon and sold out instructional classes, Trang and Mike Tong continue to strive for creating the best PMU course in America, and likewise helping students reach their dreams and successes.  Together they embody the motto: “Success is Through Education. You Must Give 110%”

  • SexyBrow
  • SexyBrow Master
  • Hairstrokes
  • QueenBrows
  • Perfect OmbreBrows
  • Brow Correction
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Microblading

sexybrows Classes

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